Storage Unit Size Guide

We offer several size units:

5×10 Commonly compared to the space of a small room or a larger closet, this unit is ideal for customers who have a studio apartment or 1 bedroom of items to move. 50 square feet
400 cubic feet
10×15 This unit is a little smaller than a standard 1car garage. Store the contents of 4 rooms or 3 fully furnished bedrooms. 150 square feet
1,200 cubic feet
10×20 This unit is as big as a 1 car garage.This space can store up to 4 bedrooms or use it to store a vehicle. 200 square feet
1,600 cubic feet
10×25 Slightly larger than a standard 1 car garage. This space can store up to 4 furnished bedrooms or 6 rooms. 250 square feet
2,000 cubic feet
8×28 This unit is slightly larger than a 10’x20′ storage unit. 224 square feet
1,792 cubic feet
11×38 Now you have some serious storage! This unit can store a medium size RV. Store a vehicle along with other belongings. Additional warehouse space for businesses. Boat storage, etc. 418 square feet
5,034 cubic feet